• GCZ Roller Mud/Stone Separtor

    Due to the large mud content of the stones excavated from some sand quarries, the use will cause problems such as crusher blockage, low production capacity and poor sand and stone quality. The labor cost is too high and the efficiency is low.

    The roller separator produced by our company can quickly separate the soil from the stone. Without water, it can replace the multi-purpose effect of one machine such as traditional feeder and vibrating screen.

    Mud separator is widely used for mud and stone separation and sand and stone separation in quarry, ore separation in concentrator, coal transportation separation in coal mine, coal gangue separation, construction and decoration waste separation, domestic waste separation, stale waste separation, etc.

    GCZ Roller Mud/Stone Separtor
  • GZD/ZSW Series Vibrating feeder

    This series of products are configured in the front section of the primary crushing equipment. In the production process, the vibrating feeder is used to evenly, regularly and continuously send the block and granular materials from the storage bin to the next production equipment. The feeder with grid section also has the function of coarse screening, removing the soil and impurities in the materials, controlling the feeding amount and making it consistent with the subsequent crushing Match the processing capacity of the screening production line.

    GZD/ZSW Series Vibrating feeder
  • YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen

    YK series circular vibrating screen is a high-efficiency screening machine specially designed for screening sand and gravel aggregate for highway, railway and construction. For medium and fine screening operations. Inclined circular vibrating screen has different configurations such as two-layer, three-layer and four-layer screen surfaces. YK sieve is also suitable for final screening of finished aggregate. This series can also be equipped with high-efficiency sprinkler system. The connection between the side plate and the stiffening beam, cross beam and stiffening beam is all made of torsional shear high-strength bolts for steel structure (tensile stress is 900MPa), which has higher connection strength than ring groove rivets (tensile stress is 300mpa) and is easy to replace. At the same time, the phenomenon of extruding micro cracks from the connection bolt holes due to improper riveting is avoided.

    YK Series Circular Vibrating Screen
  • XS series Sand washing and fine sand recovery all-in-one Machine

    At present, most of the existing artificial sand production lines adopt wet production process. No matter what type of sand washing machine is used, its major disadvantage is that the loss of fine sand (particles below 0.16mm) is serious, and some even lose more than 20%, which not only loses output, but also seriously affects the grading of sand, resulting in unreasonable grading and coarse fineness modulus, The product quality of manufactured sand is greatly reduced.

    The sand washing, fine sand recovery and all-in-one machine developed by our company integrates the advantages of sand washing machine and dehydration screen, takes into account the functions of water washing sand and sand and gravel material dehydration, greatly reduces the proportion of fine sand loss, and solves a series of problems such as sand moisture content, large mud content, large dust, many impurities and fine sand loss in the sand washing field.

    XS series Sand washing and fine sand recovery all-in-one Machine
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