We are a part of this world – and responsible for it

As a fast-growing, we are part of our society and our environment. We use resources around the world. And around the world, our success relies on people. That is why we believe: entrepreneurship means responsibility – social, cultural and ecological responsibility. Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is how we actively take on this responsibility – going above and beyond our legal obligations.


There are two kinds of modern engineering sand, natural sand and machine-made sand. Natural sand is sand and stone particles polished by nature. Although the quality of natural sand is very good, it is a non renewable resource.

Recycling and stable supply

Although the source of natural sand is extensive, it is limited to the natural sand that has not been used. Manufactured sand can be obtained by crushing unused natural stones, used waste bricks and cement blocks, or crushed stone tailings, leftovers, stone chips, stone slag, mine tailings, etc. It can be said that machine-made sand is a recyclable resource with a wide range of sources.

Reduce costs and improve performance

Manufactured sand can reduce impurities and improve the quality of finished sand and gravel products through screening and cleaning. In addition, machine-made sand usually has irregular particle size and rough surface. When cement is used to bond with other structures, machine-made sand usually has better adhesion and the resulting cement is more compressible.

Manufactured sand has a wide range of sources and can be recycled. Therefore, the market price per ton is 20-45 rmb lower than that of natural sand. The use of manufactured sand has better performance and lower cost.


Manufactured sand instead of natural sand



Mechanical biological treatment plants use municipal solid waste, commercial waste and industrial waste as raw material. In the customary process, waste is screened and sorted, and all valuable materials are recovered or used in energy production.



At present, the society has put most of its efforts on the training of the disabled to improve their ability, but has not made efforts to improve the employment environment and provide employment support, which is easy to get twice the result with half the effort.

The perspective of caring is not dignity, good at discovering and recognizing their ability, empowerment is.


Actively respond to green energy conservation and launch single motor sand making machine, energy consumption dropping 36.5% ,offer a leg-up to Carbon neutrality &Emission peak.


In view of the dust environment in the construction site of the industry and the current spread of covid-19, we will provide responsive mask protection for end customers on demand.