The manufacturer will tell you, does the high temperature weather affect the work of the jaw crusher?

In the hot summer, the temperature can reach about 40 degrees. People can’t stand this kind of weather. Then the jaw crusher itself needs to dissipate heat. Coupled with the high temperature, will it affect machine?

The answer is yes. Due to the harsh working environment of the jaw crusher, high temperature weather will make the consumption of vulnerable parts more serious. So since the high temperature weather has affected the work of the crusher, how should we reduce this damage?

When the jaw crusher is working in a high temperature environment, we must first pay attention to the temperature of the bearing to keep it in a good lubrication state, and always pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound and vibration.
If an abnormality is found, then it is necessary to stop for inspection so as not to cause unnecessary losses. We use lubricating oil to lubricate the machine, which is also to absorb heat from the surface of the friction part of the machine, so that the surface temperature of the machine is reduced, thereby minimizing the maintenance of the jaw crusher.

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Post time: Jul-09-2022